Aboriginal Ironworkers
Aboriginal Ironworkers


Welcome to the Resources section of the Aboriginal Ironworker Web site. Here, you can download the following resource materials to learn more about the ironworking industry.

PDF Earn With Pride (PDF - 1.5 MB)
Ironworking is one of the oldest and proudest construction crafts. Ironworkers work with steel and other metals to build, repair and maintain bridges, towers, stadiums and large commercial, industrial and residential projects. From the metal skeleton to the final trim, ironworkers have played a role in building almost any large structure you see today.
PDF Getting Started (PDF - 2.6 MB)
To be an ironworker is to be part of history. Some of the world's greatest structures wouldn't exist without the hard work and skill of Aboriginal ironworkers. As you enter the workforce, know that you are joining the ranks of some of the hardest working and most skilled tradespeople in Canada. In return, you can expect adventure, a good living, lifelong friendships and pride in your achievements.
PDF Opportunities in Ironwork (PDF - 532 KB)
The tradition of ironwork is alive and well in Canada. With new developments like the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the industrial and engineering booms in Manitoba and New Brunswick, and continuing work on Alberta's oil sands in Fort McMurray, ironworkers are in high demand. With the upcoming retirement of thousands of skilled workers over the next ten years, the need for ironworkers across Canada will only increase.